Dance with Life It’s Your Mind That Creates Your Reality.

Master Plants open our minds to different realities. What we are not able to see in the physical world, we can travel to with our consciousness; between different layers of existence that are part of us. With the guidance of Master Plants and a ceremonial leader we are able to connect to our hearts. We can heal, transform, purify, and reconstruct our subconscious and conscious mind. All of this requires us to work together with the magical help and guidance of mystical teachers.
Purification is not achieved overnight, but it is a recurring process throughout our journey. You live it through your actions, your words, and the thoughts that shape your mind. All of these form into the being you call yourself.
Your effort and commitment can greatly influence your natural harmony. The Master Plants are your guides in this life quest, together with your spirit, energy, and divine light.
The Master Plants ceremony opens the door of possibilities and guides you back to your divine essence, shedding all the parts of you that no longer serve you. Ayahuasca merges you with the consciousness of creation and helps you expand into the natural flow of life.

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