The Sacredness of Silence direct you to Truth.

To stop thinking ?
You can’t just believe this
If you try to do it you will Create the inner fight or resistance
First you need to know how to do that your self
And no one can tell you that no one can show you this no one can explain you this .
You have to discover that with in your self
The ability of radical , immediately stop
A return to natural state of Beingness
A state in n which mind precive attentively
It’s interested not in particular happening
But purely in Preciveing itself
It’s full interest and the energy is invested in pure Preciveing.
And this which I speak about been with you from the Moment of your birthday , it was whit you and us you even before in womb of your mother
And through out the life there are moments where your mind been completely silent attentive
Learning , discovering , observing , Seeing, Preciveing
From the Young age until now this always was with you
It always it’s you you just not aware of it .
You need to see this moment’s that the alive
That you are , that you can be silent
With out the focus or resistance
With out a fight or search
That silence it’s here
That silence it’s your natural state of Being
You have to see it with in your self and when you see it
That this is happening that the silence is Here it can be here is present even in the most chartering mind that is constantly in the mead’s of thought flow
If you see it by your self within your self
Then you will be able to understand
That you can stop thinking
That you can return to the Natural state ot your Being
Completely effortlessly, ( willlessly )
Then you will know how to do it
And that knowing is not of the Mind or Thought
It’s a inner Knowing – a Silent Understand
Because now when you Hear that from someone or read that somewhere the knowing implies belief
It’s tangled in that belief and there is no freedom in it
The question how to do it? Is in search of method,
But actually doing itself it’s a Seeing which presenting itself as a natural state of the Being which doesn’t require any kind of effort. The presence, attentiveness and interest its self it’s a receipt

But you have to see it that yourself

I speak about the interest which doesn’t imply expectation or any kind of gaining
Like you are interested in a observing waves of the Sea or bird’s flying in the sky or the Nature or elements creating something spectacular or uniqe and you are so interested in that but there is no Reason why .
You interested in that because it’s Beautiful and Spontaneous and Rare, your interest in Not in Gaining anything , collecting or gathering but PURELY AND COMPLETELY in the Seeing and Witnessing This .

This kind of quality of your Being it’s a Purity of who you are and this moment’s are your Teachers which directing you back to yourself but to Silence
They reminding you about your Nature which is covered by the ignorance
But when you see it the Truth of who you are
You shater the ignorance with awareness and understanding.
You shine the pure light of the awareness
And you Purity Understanding
Your Seeing it’s a Clarity untoxicated from thought, opinion or judgment
The seeing of what Is and what you are
Carrie a Complete Freedom
Not from something but it express it self with in Everything Freely and Compassionetly
It’s radiance is always Fresh always Spontaneous .

But you have to see it that Yourself the Truth about who you are and this
Is your Road your Discovery
And only you can fallow the way of Who you are
Within yourself .

Blossom within who you are my Child and Nurish every Step of the Life, Beingness and Issnes that you are
My Dear

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