About us


Medicine Healing Light is a place to share what the Universe has shared with us. We believe that every person has a powerful soul with the capacity for love, compassion, and understanding. We believe that everyone is capable of creating healing and miracles by themselves.


Medicine Healing Light is a place to share what the Universe has shared with us. We believe that every person has a powerful soul with the capacity for love, compassion, and understanding. We believe that everyone is capable of creating healing and miracles by themselves.
My first encounter with plant medicine was when I was still very young. There has always been something fascinating to me about Nature and plant medicine. From an early age I spent lots of time in forest, mountains, and rivers; I’ve always felt that Nature is our true home. Watching my grandmother gathering different types of herbs and plants and preparing them for the family always focused my attention and curiosity.
Some years ago I encountered Mother Ayahuasca for the first time. From the first ceremony I knew what I would be doing with my life. It woke me up to who I really was, and opened me to the universe, allowing me to expand and share the work with others. Since then I’ve been travelling around the world learning and assisting ceremonies with shamans from Peru and other cultures. Most importantly, I’ve been learning from Grandmother Ayahuasca, Grandfather San Pedro, and from Plant Spirits and Divine Beings. Through my journey and training, I’ve spent lots of time between the physical and spiritual worlds. In my daily life, too, I’ve been working with spirits on different levels of consciousness which roam throughout existence.
Since then, I’ve remained completely focused on my life purpose and developing my inner spirit. It’s not something that I do part-time, it’s who I am. Life is my ceremony, in which I dance with the Divine, Creation, and the whole universe. I learned how to follow a spiritual diet in Peru, which I took back home with me. While working with different teachers, shamans, and masters, I’ve learned a lot about myself, truth, and the freedom inside us. With Divine Spirits and Master Plants I’ve learnt how to work with different energies and vibrations. My work is demanding but the expansion and growth of my spirit is beautiful and limitless; the learning never stops. Following the spiritual diet, using the Master Plants, and working with elder shamans and curanderos, I feel truly grateful to the universe and to the Divine. I feel truly blessed that the wisdom and experience I have, I can share with love and compassion with everyone who is looking to liberate themselves; to heal their body, mind, and spirit; but most importantly, to be who they really are.
I would like to introduce myself and say a few words about the work I perform in healing and purification. I use the Master Plants Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and sacred mushrooms to understand the deeper meaning of our journey through life. I help you reconnect with your inner spirit and re-remember who you really are beyond all the limitations of society and all that surrounding you in daily life.
Some years back I fell in love with these medicine plants because of their living beings with beautiful consciousness is similar to ours, here long before us. Their connection with Earth is fully developed compared to ours, they live in full harmony and unity with Earth and the Universe. We can learn so much from them, especially in these days where we have started to see how much damage we do to the world. It’s time to change; and the consciousness of plants can help us transform from delusion into sickness at our own actions. So the first place where work must take place is inside of us; we need to be able to transform ourselves before we start changing our surroundings. It will come naturally to us once we are more connected with ourselves, to the Earth, to the Universe, and to the consciousness which we all share.
Many people think that taking mushrooms, Ayahuasca, or San Pedro simply leads to hallucination, but this is a very misleading concept. The truth is that when we connect with these medicines we open ourselves to different realities. What we are not able to see in our physical world, we can travel to with our consciousness, accessing different layers of existence that are part of us. With the guidance of Master Plants and a ceremonial leader we are able to connect to our hearts. We are able to heal, transform, purify, and reconstruct our subconscious and conscious mind. All of this requires us to work together with the magical help and guidance of mystical teachers.
Purification is not achieved overnight, but it is a recurring process throughout our journey. You live it through your actions, your words, and the thoughts that shape your mind. All of these form into the being you call yourself.
Your effort and commitment can greatly influence your natural harmony. The Master Plants are your guides in this life quest, together with your spirit, energy, and divine light.
The Master Plants ceremony opens the door of possibilities and guides you back to your divine essence, shedding all the parts of you that no longer serve you. Ayahuasca merges you with the consciousness of creation and helps you expand into the natural flow of life.
For people interested in ceremonies, I have different options for attending. Most profound is a four-day retreat, involving two Ayahuasca ceremonies and an optional ceremony with San Pedro and mushrooms. This gives you time to integrate your experience, leading you to the most profound healing and learning. I understand that for some this might be too expensive, so I give you a few different ways to pay:
1 Pay in a few instalments
2 Pay half, and help me advertise future ceremonies so that we can reach more people looking for healing and learning about themselves
3 If you can offer me some of your work that will help me out (website, blog, or article text, or any other ideas you have!) I will be able to take you just for the cost of medicine and accommodation
4 You can attend just one ceremony (but remember that integration is important)
5 If you know other people that might be interested, please pass the message to them!
If you feel you would be interested in taking part in a ceremony but you’re not sure about something, I’m happy to discuss that with you and dispel any doubts about a possible opportunity for expanding, learning, and healing your consciousness.
Remember that we always feel discomfort and worries about going into the unknown, but that process is needed to break through all limitations and find the courage to transform.
Freedom is our natural state of being, so don’t let fear and doubt overtake the key to who you are!

Artur. ✨💓✨