San Pedro Ceremony

san pedro

The San Pedro ceremony is truly transformative and amazing. San Pedro is a very strong medicine, lasting twice as long as Ayahuasca, and opening the heart to love and peace within the self and world. Ayahuasca is the feminine of the two medicines, and San Pedro is the masculine. All shamans say that Ayahuasca shows you what to need to change, giving you insight into your challenges and issues, while San Pedro (Huachuma) gives you the power to make the change. The San Pedro ceremony opens your heart to love often, as normally, the mind is in the way of the heart’s wisdom. San Pedro goes straight to the heart and bypasses the mind’s defences and ego resistance. We have witnessed amazing transformations for people who have a lot of mental activity holding them back from their healing, with beautiful heart openings to love that they have never imagined possible.

What are the effects of the San Pedro cactus (Huachuma)?
First you will drink the tea that the shaman has brewed. It takes about one hour for the effects to begin, and 12 – 14 hours for the experience. This is much longer than Ayahuasca, which only lasts about 4 – 5 hours. Depending on the emotional and mental condition of the ceremony participant, it will seem chaotic or tranquil. It all depends on you and your inner landscapes. The presiding shaman and environment will also influence how you perceive the movement of San Pedro through your consciousness.
You will find yourself in an awake dreaming state while the body falls asleep to some extent. You will most likely find yourself unable to move around very much, though you will be able to go to the bathroom and such. However, you will not feel like taking a walk or doing anything active. Your body may even feel fairly numb. After a while you will detach from the body somewhat, although you can always return to awareness of your body whenever you want. However, you are encouraged to go with the energy of detaching from your physical identity and move into knowing yourself as soul or spirit. Dimensional travel will be the result. You will feel as though you can walk to different worlds, and indeed you can. You will see colours and light differently. Things will seem to radiate and look unreal. You may feel as though you are literally seeing the energy of things. You might remember things you have long forgotten, you might dream of things that are otherworldly, and you might meet spirit beings in various forms and situations.
Emotionally, you may experience both extremes, positive and negative, and every shade in between. If you feel like laughing, laugh. San Pedro is teaching you joy. If you feel like crying, cry. You are healing something deep inside you. If you feel fear, go directly into it. This is a place where you are retrieving power that you have given away to some experience, person, or situation long ago. San Pedro will heal deep wounds from the past so that you can go on living your life in freedom, instead of being fettered by past injuries. This cactus is used for healing inner afflictions: physical, mental, and emotional. San Pedro is also used for attaining guidance from the spirit world, so don’t be surprised if you meet some angels along the way!
There are two types of ceremonies; one taking place during the day where you can connect with nature, and one taking place at night, deeper work where we stay in the ceremony area and work with the energy of ritual music.