Shamanic Healing – Sound Healing – Extraction



Individual healing sessions
Using ancient medicine tools for mind, body, and soul, I work with different energies to gently approach and connect with the client. Every healing session is unique and performed with delicacy, bringing deep and powerful healing.

Shamanic healing
Shamanic healing is very powerful for restoring balance and harmony to all four aspects of the being: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Healing energy is channelled to the client and combined with sound. The healing effect of the sound is immediate, bypassing the mind and getting straight to the root. Two forms of sound are used: tone and breath. The person’s energy web and centres are re-woven by the healing energy, restoring connection to oneself and awakening inner healing potential. Sounds are made with the voice to assist the depth of your soul to relax and enjoy a vocal message from deep within.

Soul retrieval and regression
Where necessary, I work with regression to guide the client back into the past and release recurring subconscious patterns, negative conditioning, and limiting thoughts. This helps to release any buildup of suppressed and stuck emotions from the body and energy field. Fragmented parts of the soul are retrieved and integrated back into the body to align the person more fully with themselves. This leads to a feeling of aliveness and inner peace which can affect other areas of personal life, creating positive changes, personal empowerment, fulfilment, and connection to one’s inner self-creating harmony.

Spirit extraction
Sometimes, an outside entity or spirit can enter the body or energy field of a person. In some rare cases this is called possession. But in any case, it’s an intruder in the space of a free person.
Methods that are used to extract the intruder include sound, vibrations, and sending light into the patient. Usually the spirit leaves the body in the first encounter with high vibration light, but in some cases it’s more deeply rooted, so we need a few sessions to move the roots. Its overall effect is always pleasant and releasing.

Higher Perception Readings
This is the shamanic way of connecting to the higher self, obtaining an overview of a person’s life journey from a spiritual perspective. An independent reading can see your soul’s purpose and potential. It shows you how to access the present, truly be in touch with oneself, and let go of all that’s holding you back. With this guidance, we can look into specific questions in in-depth ways. As well as guidance, a higher perception brings healing energy to the client and connects them more to their higher self