Janny from Utrecht

Medicine healing light arrived to me with powerful grounded offering to meet master plant medicines. Arthur’s gentle nature made the journey feel protected and held in light of great great mysteries. I would recommend especially if it is your first time in plant ceremony. Thank you brother for your humble work and for guiding me to that place

Vanisha from Amsterdam

The medicine ceremony with Artur was a beautiful experience. The medicine itself took me through an intense journey, its showed me many things inside of me, my darkeness and my light, and a lot of joy – it was a wonderful experience for me, I had a strong feeling of returning home that I had not experienced before. I felt the space was held well by Artur throughout the night. We all journeyed together and Artur sat with us guiding us in parts through the process, which was really grounding in peak moments. We had some sharing circles together with our experiences before and after which I felt was really reassuring, as I was quite nervous before the ceremony.

After the ceremony I was a bit dazed for a day or two and I could definitely feel the impact on my body, so it felt important to rest and reflect on the journey. Checking in with myself felt important and I am glad I had some days to integrate the experience. We reflected together as a group and also individually with Artur.

Now almost 2 months on, I feel the ceremony was a really special moment. I felt connected to earth and spirit and I still remember this feeling when I look back. I am journeying with many methods, dance, mindfulness and meditation, but felt the medicine really showed me many things in a way I had not seen before – it has given me encouragement to follow the feelings of my heart more than ever before. I am very grateful for the experience. Thankyou Artur! 🙂

Pixi from Haga

Had such a deeply healing weekend. It was the best experience I’ve had yet working with the plant spirits. i was filled with so much love through the journey. The space was held so beautifully. The accommodation was a lovely converted barn with stunning surroundings . Everone was so lovely. Thank you Artur for being such a generous gentle kind soul and making it possible to have this deeply healing experience with amazing people.
I will be returning to do more work with you soon . Thank you. Love you xxxx

Elliot More from Utrecht

I found the ceremonies life changing, the release of inner tensions and baggage changed the way I lived in general and I would be more than happy to recommend artur’s unique way of guiding people through this special experience to anyone wanting to grow as humans and as spiritual Beings . Elliot